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« You’re confusing. Where did you even come from and how did you find me? What’s your name? Are you an Autobot or Decepticon? » And cue fail spy skills go.

«You’re one to talk, you’re the one with the public communication line and were broadcasting. You’re still on an open…

«The name’s Blurr. Autobot Elite Guard, Intelligence Division. I’ve never heard of “Rescue Bots” before though and I would know because it’s a part of my job to know things even when no one else does, especially if they’re secret.»


Day Five/Day Six

Airachnid, Blades, and Blurr spent their day creating Bluestreak.

Transformers G1 Bluestreak
plays-ill-with-others & speedcubed visited for the week sadly they had to leave though, but they made this wonderful hoody for me. We all ended up working on it in the end and it was a lot of fun, it also is very comfy. It’s not Blades or even Rescue Bots related, but it’s still Transformers and they always think of me as Bluestreak so now they got me dressed up as him. I’m sad they had to leave, but I’m glad we got to see each other and that they left me with something to remind me of them, even though I’ll see them online still. They really rock.

[Love ya too hon. Can’t wait for your visit.]


I’ll be going independent. I don’t feel I offer anything to this group since I never get online to post so I’m removing myself. It was fun, those who I interacted with, but my time here is over.

Everything after this is independent, everything before will be kept for posterity.

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